Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

We would like to provide you with a first class Abraham Lincoln research paper so that you can use it as a sample for writing a good paper on your own. The paper includes the main bibliographical facts about the prominent president. It also covers his main achievements and qualities that allowed him to become one of the greatest figures in the history of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest American leaders that made a significant contribution to the development of the USA and its society. First and foremost, the president is famous for struggling for civil rights and abolishing slavery. Due to his wise political decisions and considerable influence, the lives of thousands of Americans had changed. His personal qualities such as absolute confidence, self-control, knowledge, and wisdom made him a prominent politician who altered the course of the US history. Historians as well as regular citizens believe that Lincoln was one of the best American presidents whose administration promoted the welfare of the nation.

The current Abraham Lincoln research paper covers the leader’s political career as well. His contemporaries stated that Lincoln did not have a purpose to become a president and came from nowhere. Nevertheless, a detailed analysis of his life indicates that Lincoln was a unique figure whose personal characteristics and unbiased approach made him a successful politician. Being an inexperienced lawyer from the backwoods, he worked in the House of Representatives. Then, he did not win the Senate seat. However, Lincoln did not give up. He gained an edge over the competitors due to his responsibility for every action taken and ability to exploit his strengths. The politician took his election campaign under complete control that resulted in success. During the process of elections, he demonstrated strong will, great ambitions, and desire to bring changes that attracted many voters. The most interesting thing is that Lincoln asked his competitors to join his team after winning the elections. That unprecedented decision proved that the president was a confident man who did not have biases and thought rationally. His decisions predetermined success of his presidency. Historians state that many members of the team had better education than Lincoln had, but that did not prevent him from becoming a strong and influential leader who managed to organize an expert team consisting of different people with multiple goals, interests and talents.

The Abraham Lincoln research paper proves that a great leader can change the course of the history. Together with George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln is considered to be one of the best American presidents embodying the highest presidential ideal. Experts agree that the crisis Lincoln had to face created ample opportunities for the politician to show his wisdom and apply a new approach to dealing with the hardships. There were many innovations the president came up with. Among the most significant contributions were the indivisibility of state and the abolishment of slavery. Due to the efforts taken to abolish slavery, Lincoln is regarded as the Great Emancipator. Since the politician was born in a poor family, he always remembered his background associating himself with common people. Being an ordinary man and applying his abilities, knowledge, and strengths, Lincoln achieved considerable success. His achievements led to the creation of a new society. He played an important role in forming the nation winning the hearts of millions of people. Lincoln fought for civil rights and forming the new state system. Thus, all his deeds made him an outstanding figure and symbol of American democracy.

The Abraham Lincoln research paper covers all the aspects of the president’s life. Being an outstanding leader who cared for the country as well as its population, Lincoln experienced serious depression. Sometimes it was so severe that he thought of committing a suicide. Nevertheless, Lincoln was able to transfer it into the driving force. His influential personality attracted many different people. It is said that Lincoln’s depression was caused by heredity, deaths of some family members, and business problems. What is more, in those days the standards of medical care were not that high, therefore many men suffered from sexually transmitted infections or were afraid of getting some. Thus, some historians claim that Lincoln’s concerns about his health made him worry about marriage which led to stress and depression. Others state that the ability of the president to keep emotions under control contributed to the developed of his patience and made him much stronger. Lincoln improved his self-control skills that allowed him to gain advantage over competitors. Analyzing his life, one can conclude that the sixteenth American president clearly demonstrated how a challenge can become a blessed opportunity. Constant struggle with depression formed his character as well; in addition, Lincoln had a greater motivation for implementing his plans. Without doubt, persistence, patience, and confidence contributed to the development of Lincoln as a leader and helped him achieve success.

The Abraham Lincoln research paper highlights the greatness of the US president and his contribution to the development of new American nation. Lincoln put much effort into making America the better country to live in. His struggle for civil rights and care for different people made Lincoln a prominent leader of the nation. His crucial decisions and effective actions contributed to the development of democracy in the US. Thus, Lincoln was a great president who significantly strengthened the state.