Catchy Titles

Use Catchy Titles for Your Academic Papers

If you have to write a paper, you have to pay proper attention to the catchy title, which is read at first. Many readers do not like it when the title is too long with confusing words. However, if it is very short, it may appear to be too general and obvious. We offer you to read the tips for writing catchy and interesting titles for your essays and research papers. Please have a look at such aspects:

  • The purpose of writing a paper;
  • The tone of writing;
  • Possible methods to be utilized in academic papers.

When you have to cover any research question, the purpose of the title is to attract attention of the reader. Moreover, your professor will judge what you have done with your research with one glance at your title. However, if you write a paper with just a couple of sketches, you have to choose the working title to make the process easier. Moreover, the title can be a continuous reminder about the purpose of writing.

Hints to Write Catchy Titles

  • Always clearly state the subject of future discussion;
  • Make sure that reader’s interest would be grabbed;
  • Do not incorporate abbreviations in the title;
  • The title can reflect the structure of the paper;
  • The title should not exceed 10-12 words not to make reader bored;
  • Usually if students have to write a paper, they choose the title in the phrase form. However, a great deal of students also writes a title in a question form;
  • Academic papers require academic style;
  • Capitalization and grammar rule must be followed;
  • Relate the title to your field of research;
  • Usually there is no exclamation mark in the end of the title. However, some titles may end as a question.

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