How to Write a Conclusion

How to Write a Conclusion for a Narrative Essay

If writer desires to share his/her experiences with the reader or reflect personal character traits, then he/she has to write a narrative essay. However, students usually lack enthusiasm when they are approaching the final step in essay writing – conclusion. However, it is very important to present decent ending, when readers will be pleased with the feeling of completion.

Step One

Every essay writing presumes composing a draft. Essay plot should be covered to the full. If you have already written the draft, please write down the ideas that can be used for your conclusion.

Step Two

If you write a conclusion of your essay, you have to utilize a creative approach to surprise your reader. You can have a look at the elements presented in introduction and use a similar tactic in conclusion. Moreover, if you reflect on the experience that you have learned from that situation, which you would like to share with your reader.

Step Three

Create a draft of your concluding paragraph. Do not panic if it does not appeal much to you; you will have to revise your draft for several times in the process of writing. In addition, re-read the paragraph before the conclusion to make sure that it is coherent with your summary and does not contradict to the ideas presented in conclusion.

Step Four

Read your paper one more time. Identify whether your narrative events were described appropriately, with vivid details. Think whether there is a lasting impression on the reader. Moreover, if possible, ask one of your friends to read your essay and get feedback on the narration to make sure that events are effectively described.

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