Contractions in Academic Papers

Contractions in Academic Papers

Academic writing is always characterized with the use of formal language, where the use of contractions is mostly prohibited. However, there are certain rules that allow using contractions. However, if you would like to submit a well-written essay, you have to use contractions effectively, according to all writing standards.

Hint 1

Always make sure that your instructor or teacher has given all requirements. Make sure that you know which English is preferable in your essay – formal or neutral. Follow all teachers’ rules to get the best grade.

Hint 2

Whenever you utilize direct quotes in your essay to support your claims, use the same contractions as author. You have to present direct author’s words and his/her manner of writing, even though it contains contractions.

Hint 3

If you are allowed to use personal pronouns in your essay writing, then contractions are allowed as well. Moreover, if you task is to write a personal opinion essay, contractions represent the real language. Therefore, do no hesitate to use contractions to assure the reader that it is the real language of your presented characters.

Hint 4

If you use contractions, they should be present in the whole essay, not just random parts. The sentence structures and vocabulary should remain the same throughout the whole paper. Therefore, if you utilized contractions in the first paragraph, then the rest paragraphs should contain contractions as well.

Hint 5

Read your essay loud and pay attention to the way how the combinations of words sound. If you would like to present your ecstatic emotions, it would be better to say “It’s great” rather than “It is great.” Moreover, if you describe a person in a rush, who has little time to perform certain action, it would be much better to say “I don’t have much time” than “I do not have much time.”

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