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An excellent gun control research paper states that the issue of gun possession is a hot topic in the modern society. There are many proponents and opponents of this controversial problem. One of the main arguments for adopting stricter gun control rules is that there are many chances that those individuals who possess a gun can hurt relatives or other people during some conflicts on purpose or unintentionally. A gun that is believed to be a tool for self-defense becomes a reason for a tragedy. Notwithstanding the fact that conflicts or unpleasant situations occur almost in every family, the quarrels between those family members who have access to a firearm can end not with a bang but with a whimper. People can get serious injuries or be killed. It is also proved that people who possess a gun commit suicide more often than those who do not have it. Therefore, since the wide availability of firearms contributes to the injuries, suicide, and homicides, it becomes obvious why stricter measures in terms of gun control should be adopted.

The gun control research paper explains that in many cases the presence of a gun in a domestic setting leads to homicides. The studies have shown that the likelihood of killing a family member is three times higher if the relatives have one or more guns. Meanwhile, the chances that a family member will resort to committing suicide using a firearm are three times higher in comparison to families that do not have a gun. In addition, the recent findings reveal the information that in 10% of cases of domestic violence abusers carry guns and threaten the victims. Therefore, even though many families possess firearms, they are not able to protect themselves. What is more, too often, instead of defending their relatives, an individual hurts them using a gun. The statistics prove this claim. Thus, in 44 cases out of 100 a family member (including a child) not an intruder is killed with a gun kept in the household. Nevertheless, the supporters of gun rights provide an argument that the emotional state of a person leads to the tragedy but not a tool with which the homicide is committed. However, the cases when victims die from a gunshot wounds are numerous whereas those victims who were hurt with a knife or physical power survive in 90% of cases. Notwithstanding the fact that many murders are committed under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or rage, the availability and possession of firearms result in negative consequences for every person involved in an alarming situation.

The gun control research paper provides another opinion on the problem as well. There are those experts who state that all homicides are characterized by certain common features and the wide access to firearms does not make a killer from an ordinary man. Some scholars say that not every individual being in a rage is able to murder someone even if he or she has a gun. Thus, the rule ‘more firearms lead to more death’ does not regard to some preconditions that force one to use a gun to kill a person. In addition, statistics indicate that the majority of individuals who carry out violent crimes already have a formal list of offenses. It is known that social deviants who are prone to physical abuse and violence commit most crimes. In many homicide cases, the relations between victims and offenders are based on previous illegal acts. Meanwhile, the conflicts between relatives may be grounded on past assaults. Thus, the gun control research paper states that there is no matter what the reason behind the murder is, easy access to a gun makes it possible. Therefore, many people insist that those who want to possess a gun have to undergo careful medical examination as well as psychological tests. Before permitting someone to carry firearms, the authority has to be sure that an individual is not dangerous for the society. In addition, potential murderers have to be prevented from accessing a gun in order to avoid negative outcomes.

The current gun control research paper provides solid evidence and current findings showing that taking stricter gun control measures can result in the reduction of homicide rate. The experts have compared the murder rates and gun control laws in two countries – the United States and England. They have arrived at conclusion that strict laws on gun control in England led to the large decrease of the homicide rate. As a result, it becomes obvious that restricting gun possession may lead to reducing the number of murders. Nevertheless, the issue of homicide rate is not that easy as it can seem. For example, in the 1990s, the number of murders in America greatly declined notwithstanding the fact that the gun policies were not changed. In addition, there are many countries that have loose laws on gun control and lower murder rates. Thus, many experts say that homicide rate is dependent on different factors including social, economic, and political ones. Regardless of all the statistical data and controversial arguments, the further research has to be conducted in order to find the connection between gun policies and murders to find some workable solutions.

The gun control research paper emphasizes the fact that the presence of gun in the household increases the chances of suicide or murder in the family. Even though a person does not become a murderer once he or she gets a firearm, the usage of gun can lead to unfortunate outcomes when compared to the usage of other types of weapons. Thus, every individual wishing to carry a gun should be thoroughly examined. In addition, adopting strict gun control measures as well as providing proper training may help to find some solutions to the problem and prevent future crimes in the United States.