Hints for Writing an Essay

Hints for Writing an Essay Explaining a Concept

At first, you should choose a concept you want to discuss in detail and you are familiar with. However, very often students choose brand new concepts as they will have an opportunity to learn more about them and expand their vision.

Conduct Research and Narrow the Topic

If you have already chosen the concept you want to deal with in your essay writing, you have to carry out research and take notes about the most memorable quotes and facts relating to your topic. They will serve as supporting evidence to back up your claims. However, remember that it is pretty difficult to explore very broad topics such as love and hatred. Therefore, you have to narrow down the concept in your essay.

Write an Introduction

Begin writing an introduction presenting your topic to the reader. Remember that the reader must be interested in the concept you want to deal with. You may ask a question that the reader should reconsider or present a quote by a famous person who discusses the concept. Every introduction should end with a thesis statement, which is a backbone of your further discussion.

Writing the Main Body

In essay writing, there is a need to present at least two-three points in separate paragraphs in the main body. Every paragraph should be directly related to the thesis statement, which is done with the use of topic sentences. In order to prove your claims, you can use statistics or other research ideas that will convince your reader.

Writing a Conclusion

Writing concluding paragraphs presumes ending your essay with the key points that were discussed in the paper. You have to prove that your thesis statement is valid and make some recommendations for the future. However, please remember that conclusion should not entail any new ideas, quotes and statistics.

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