History Essay Topics

30 Most Interesting History Essay Topics for Research

While reading history, one would see different riddles, arguments, and controversial ideas. Some students adore writing essays in history since they can cover an interesting topic that they are unfamiliar with. Buy-online-essay.com has provided a short list of history essay topics for students’ usage:

US History Essay Topics

  1. Why people from different countries perceive America as a land of enormous opportunities?
  2. How modern American culture develops under the influence of Puritanism?
  3. Should all politicians be impeached for their ethical mistakes done in personal life?
  4. Why should the US play the role of supreme judge while imposing democracy in developing countries?
  5. Can any war of the US be justified?
  6. Why the US Constitution can be characterized as flexible?
  7. Can the US be considered as a safe country to live in?
  8. The peculiarities of the revolutionary America.
  9. WWI and the chance of US maintaining neutrality.
  10. Slavery in the US: Origins and roots.

World History Essay Topics

  1. Discovery of Australia by James Cook: Surprise or pleasant mistake?
  2. Strong women in the creation of the world history: Margaret Thatcher.
  3. Holocaust and its consequences.
  4. Why communism in Russia sustained failure?
  5. Mistakes done by the former presidents of Russia.
  6. India and its contradictions with Muslims.
  7. Immigration trends from the European countries.
  8. The most powerful and influential dynasties in China.
  9. Why do developed countries do not support the spread of communism?
  10. Why was Qin Shi Huang an outstanding figure in the world history?

Extraordinary History Essay Topics

Many students adore exploring extraordinary history essay topics with funny facts that do not make essay writing so boring. Here is a small list of them:

  1. In Ancient times, doctors could get their salaries if their patience were cured.
  2. Arab numerals were not introduced by the Arabs, but Hindu did.
  3. Sparta was known for having 500,000 slaves, whereas there were only 25,000 citizens in 400 BC.
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci suffered from dyslexic.
  5. Until 1660, clocks did not have two but one hand that showed only an hour.
  6. In Middle Ages, the life expectancy of slaves was nothing more than 26 years.
  7. One of the shortest wars was Anglo-Zanzibar war that lasted only around 40 minutes.
  8. Time magazine publication reflected Hitler as the man of the year in 1938.
  9. The first birth control clinic was invented by Margaret Sanger in 1917, who was imprisoned for this establishment,
  10. During the funeral of Andrew Jackson, parrot had to be taken away.

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