Human Trafficking Research Paper

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The given human trafficking research paper discusses the issue of modern slavery. It is one of the biggest international problems that worry governments all over the world. At the present day, human trafficking manifests itself in different forms. There are numerous reasons for human trafficking. Sexual slavery, exploitation of labor, begging, and selling human organs are among the most common ones. It should be noted that there is no country that does not face the problem at the moment. The main obstacle in the way of fighting with the problem is that there are no obvious signs of trafficking. However, its scale is considerable. Human trafficking is considered to be a serious crime. Thus, everyone who commits it is punished by the law for their illegal actions. Therefore, individuals involved in it are not willing to help the police in order to provide them with valuable information. The worst thing is that this state of affairs complicates the process of finding mechanisms of solving the problem. At the same time, the recent research proves that human trafficking gains steam because of globalization and advanced transportation system.

The human trafficking research paper states that the outcomes of the problem will become obvious in few decades. It is rather difficult to evaluate the scope of the issue because of its unique nature and people engaged in it. The experts confirm that demand and supply of slaves increase each day. The recent findings reveal that approximately 500 000 illegal immigrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa come to Europe every single year. In case of the United States of America, approximately 1 million immigrants cross the borders of the country each year. It should be noted that 70% of all the victims of human trafficking are children and women who are subjected to sexual exploitation. The worst thing is that a great number of immigrants pay the traffickers for their services and thus cannot be formally considered the victims. In addition, oftentimes people pay for nothing since they never realize their goal to live better. Instead, they become the hostages of circumstance. The growth of human trafficking is explained by the fact that it is a very profitable business. It includes zero risk and minimum start-up costs. What is more, traffickers are able to resell their slaves once and again making even more money. Therefore, human trafficking is a global problem that requires immediate solution.

In the current human trafficking research paper, it should be noted that modern slavery has both similar and different features with traditional slavery. Slaveholders need to control their slaves restricting their rights. As the same time, slaves have to comply with the owners’ orders and do what they require. Meanwhile, the consequences of present-day slavery and the outcomes of traditional slavery have many differences. First of all, nowadays slavery is illegal; therefore slave owners have to deliberately keep their slaves in a hidden place so that no one can find out about them. In addition, they have to monitor every step of a slave in order not to allow him/her to escape. Second, slaveholders cannot rely on legal basis to make slaves obey. Therefore, they have to abuse the enslaved. Third, present-day slaves have to pay for their transportation. As a result, they get into debts and cannot clear them. Their small salary cannot cover extra expenses. What is more, slaveholders do not care about the health of their slaves. If a slave catches some disease, the owner gets rid of him/her immediately. Thus, the criminals resort to different methods to hide their activities and increase profits.

The human trafficking research paper emphasizes that the research on the nature of the modern slave trade lacks accuracy. It can be explained by the fact that it is difficult to get consistent information on the issue. The former victims as well as traffickers are not willing to provide the police with some useful facts to help them overcome the problem. The reason behind it is that they afraid to get problems. In addition, those people who take part in some questionnaires have obvious biases. As a result, they cannot be considered valuable representatives because they do not provide accurate data. Therefore, the reasons, characteristics as well as peculiarities of human trafficking are based on subjective information. Notwithstanding the fact that the research on human trafficking only starts getting its popularity, the experts have already got some valuable information about different forms and ways of human trafficking. Such information greatly contributes to the understanding of mechanisms of the problems and finding the proper solutions. In addition, the task of the authorities as well as the police should consist in spreading certain details about trafficking in order to make a great number of people be aware of the problem. This way, people may report on some suspicious schemes so that the police can prevent them.

To conclude, the human trafficking research paper states that present-day slave trade is a major concern all over the world. This form of crime attracts many criminal groups due to easy working scheme, little expenses, and high profits. Many victims become involved in human trafficking willingly in order to find a better job and improve their living conditions. Thus, the problem has to be studied in detail to find the most efficient solutions for its solving.