Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

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This top quality same sex marriage research paper provides that, in many countries all over the globe, marriage has an important meaning. It is not only a legal contract between a man and a woman but also a significant religious sacrament. Taking into account the religious part of marriage, the proponents of anti-gay rights claim that homosexuality is not perceived in the Bible and therefore cannot be considered normal. In addition, such definition allows them to state that official marriage is the prerogative of heterosexual couples. However, the things have changed in 2004, when Massachusetts allowed same sex couples to get married. Nevertheless, the majority of states ban gay marriage. Many legal advocates insist that prohibition of gay marriage not only prevents partners from obtaining certain benefits but also violates their right to equal opportunities.

In the same sex marriage research paper, the opinion of many gay Americans is provided as well. They do not demand some unique attitude towards themselves; all they want is to have an opportunity to live with their beloved without being discriminated. In addition to obligations, marriage offers spouses some important advantages which include tax benefits, family rates on many services, inheritance rights, and others. When speaking about straight couples, they get all those benefits automatically or put minimum effort to enjoy them. However, unmarried couples cannot take all those advantages just because they do not have an official confirmation of their love. Nowadays, many companies start changing their policies in order to give unmarried partners the same benefits as married partners have. What is more, some local governments favor such an initiative. However, it should be noted that such steps are an exception from a rule. In many states, only heterosexual couples can enjoy the advantages of official marriage while the rights of homosexual partners are ignored. Regardless of some improvements in the struggle for gay rights, same sex individuals experience many problems based on discrimination. The paradox consists in the fact that many Americans who do not support homosexual relationships insist on providing equal rights to everyone.

The same sex marriage research paper presents the idea that many partners prefer cohabitation; nevertheless, it does not mean that they should be deprived of the right to get married if they would like to make their relationships official one day. At the same time, the opponents of gay marriage claim that the approval of same sex relations at the state level reduces the value of marriage. As a result, couples start avoiding getting married because they believe that it is the thing of the past. Many experts state that the evolution of perception of marriage as well as public opinion has been occurring for several decades. In 1950s, official marriage was perceived as a common thing; nowadays, partners want to live together before they officially unite their lives. Therefore, cohabitation is spread among modern couples. Along with the changes occurring in the institution of marriage, the attempts to legalize same sex relationships have been made. It is necessary to understand the reasons behind such a decision. The scholars studying the concept of marriage have arrived at a conclusion that considering domestic partnership of heterosexual couples as a new form of civil marriage may contribute to the approval of the same cohabitation of homosexual partners. Therefore, the supporters of gay marriage can state that legalization of homosexual union does not change the traditional meaning of official marriage; alternatively, it can be perceived as a logical stage in the evolution of marriage. Nevertheless, there are those who cannot agree with such an idea.

The same sex marriage research paper emphasizes the fact that public opinion on the issue can be transformed because of the change of gay partners’ status at an official level. It means that people can be persuaded that gay unions are the norm of life. The recent findings reveal that the prohibition of homosexual marriage has an influence on the public by making them believe that same sex relationships are wrong and shameful. What is more, such an idea has a negative impact on the children leaving in the gay families. These kids are subjected to social disapproval and start thinking that their families are rather weird. There was a case when a girl was frightened that the police officer would come to her house in order to take away her mother since she married another woman. Therefore, the consciousness of many people is under the influence of legal norms; however, some of them can be regarded nowadays as outdated. Without doubt, there are norms that cannot correspond to the facts of modern life. It is stated that if the public adequately perceives the presence of gay couples and stops putting them under pressure, it will teach citizens to be tolerant and unbiased towards others. It is important to be able to respect those who are different in some way. Thus, same sex marriage legalization can be a great step in the way of developing democratic society.

To conclude, the same sex marriage research paper provides that there are two opposing views on the issue of gay marriage. Its opponents arm with an argument that the Bible does not allow such unions; therefore, it should be banned. At the same time, the proponents of the issue state that legalization of same sex marriage is the necessary step in guaranteeing equal rights to all US residents. What is more, approving gay unions at the state level can reduce the number of emotional and psychological traumas among gay individuals.