Types of Essay Writing

Types of Essay Writing Students Should Know

There are different essay types and students should know everything about their peculiarities to get good grades:

Expository Essay

It is the basic informative type of essay writing, where the topic is analyzed with step by step details. Regardless of the given topic, writer has to explain its basic concepts and assumptions utilizing statistical data and research ideas as examples. There are different reasons for using the expository essay model in writing, among which one can find comparing and contrasting ideas, presenting cause and effect relations or step by step instructions.

Narrative Essay Writing

Students are assigned narrative essay writing to retell the story by presenting personal experience. Usually students perceive this task to be the easiest one, but when it comes to writing, they find it challenging to describe their personal emotions and experiences. Moreover, when writer creates a narrative essay, he or she has to attract reader’s attention with the vivid events. It can be done with the usage of first person to make a reader closer to the events and become interested in the final result.

Descriptive Essay

Different essay types presume the usage of special vocabulary. When students have to write descriptive essays, the use of special vocabulary is of primary importance. Writer has to use proper sensory words, not simply retell the events. Please mind that all five senses have to be utilized while writing an essay; tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing.

Persuasive Essay

The purpose of this essay writing is to persuade reader that your standpoint is valid. Reader should be convinced of your ideas, which can be reached with specific examples and facts. Writer has to utilize all types of arguments and conclude why his/her standpoint is correct and should be accepted by the reader.

As you can see, there are different types of essay writing that entail certain qualities. Students usually get confused as every essay should be based on specific requirements, which are not easy to follow. However, if you cooperate with Buy-online-essay.com, you can buy different essay types at reasonable prices. Just give us a try and all your home assignments will be done for you by our creative and professional writers!